What are sustainable flowers? 
Once Upon a Bloom utilizes flowers made of fabric, wood, paper, and various other materials that can be recycled.  When the customer leases and then returns the floral designs to Once Upon A Bloom, we recycle the flowers and create arrangements for nursing home residents!  Your wedding flowers live on to bring joy to others. 

How will my wedding decor and florals be delivered? 
Once Upon A Bloom carefully packages and ships your wedding decor and florals in wrap and boxes made from sustainable, recycled materials.  Your items will arrive approximately one week before your wedding, to your home, office or your destination venue. 

If I choose to lease my flowers, how are they returned?
Your Once Upon A Bloom wedding coordinator will connect ahead of the wedding with a wedding party member who has agreed to return the florals and decor for you after the wedding is over.  This wedding party member will have everything they need to return the items back in the same boxes they arrived in!  There will be a checklist of items so that nothing is over-looked.  Also, Once Upon A Bloom will include a self-addressed, paid return label for sending back the items that have been leased.  It’s easy-peasy! 

Do I have to choose either purchase or lease for the whole wedding package?
The answer is “no”!  You can choose to purchase what you want to keep, and lease the rest!  Lease costs are always less, so many brides are happy to return and recycle what they don’t want to keep! 

How can I set up a meeting to discuss my wedding plans with you?
We offer one free consultation for up to 30 minutes to discuss your wedding questions!  If you need further help with wedding planning, you can schedule a planning consult via our Contact Us page. We are thrilled to help you with planning a smooth wedding, with the least amount of stress!  Our fees for consultation are $55.00 per half hour session.